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My Shiba Inu System

Original. Individually. Distinctive.
Why My Shiba Inu?
My Shiba Inu is the token for the SHIBA Metaverse, currently on the Binance Smart Chain Blockchain. While technically the original token name is 'My Shiba Inu,' the community has referred to it as the 'SHIBA Project'.
‌My Shiba Inu is an Bep-20 token. All tokens are in circulation, with the initial liquidity burned. This means that no additional My Shiba tokens can be minted into circulation. Also, as My Shiba Inu was 100% Free-Launched, all tokens have always been publicly tradable. Unlike most projects, which often results in more stagnant price action as increased buying power is needed after each unlock to increase the price per token further. This is another reason why SHIBA stands out from the crowd and again emphasizes the truly decentralized ethos within the My Shiba Inu Metaverse Project

Usage My Shiba Inu

The Shiba Inu will be used as a medium of exchange in the marketplace of our products, where users will be able to buy, sell and exchange assets and NFTs. Once these NFTs are purchased, they will interact with the metaverse or games in the metaverse in a variety of ways and more.


Tokenomics The My Shiba Inu token itself is unique in its simplicity. Unfortunately, many cryptocurrencies have complex, confusing, volatile, and often misleading mechanics written into their contracts. At first, this may seem desirable, but over time, it can lead to manipulation or deterioration in the quality of projects. My Shiba Inu is as simple and transparent as possible: No taxes on any transactions: people get as much My Shiba Inu as they pay and are not penalized for trading. No developer wallet: no automatic sending of transaction amount to anyone or anywhere No built-in burn mechanism or mint: My shiba inuni will never automatically become inflationary or deflationary. All tokens are in circulation: some projects use the process of vesting rights to "lock" part of the tokens for a certain time. Many projects experience a sharp drop in price during an unlock as a large number of tokens suddenly flood the market, diluting the supply and making it difficult for the price to recover. There are no blocked tokens in My Shiba Inu. The supply is permanent and can only be reduced manually or due to unforeseen circumstances (as in the case of lost user wallets, as happens with Bitcoin). Burning tokens can be done manually using any holder's wallet sending to the burn address, but this is not an automatic mechanism and depends on any holder, not a contract or code. Simply put, circulating supply can never be increased higher than it is today. These factors ensure that the My Shiba Inu token itself is safe, transparent, sustainable and fair. My Shiba Inu will become the currency of the My Shiba Inu metaverse and (like all cryptocurrencies) can be bought and sold with regular fiat currencies to meet the real needs of people.
Further information There is only one token in the My Shiba Inu project. There are no partner tokens or other tokens in the ecosystem. Verify that you have been verified using the information below. The details below apply to My Shiba Inu, the only token we support and work with.
No tax, no commission (set slippage to 0.1%-0.5% when buying on PancakeSwap or other Dex/Cex)
Total stock 100% in circulation.
The team is committed to working on the project because they believe in it and share the same vision and values ​​for a decentralized and fair future in the metaverse and cryptocurrency space.

Philosophy of My Shiba

The central philosophy of My Shiba Inu is the belief that projects can be done fairer, more sustainably, and in a way that can benefit everyone involved. No large corporation or company is looking to extract personal data from the users for advertising or maximize profits for yearly reports. My Shiba Inu simply wants people to have fun, interact with each other freely, have access to opportunities that lead to financial freedom, and work towards the next stage in the evolution of the internet and online interaction. We have seen poor outcomes when projects are developed in greedy, unsustainable, or deceptive ways. We want to create something that rises above all these methods. My Shiba Inu will be empowering, transparent, fun, healthy, and fair. ‌My Shiba Inu believes strongly in decentralization, holding this value at the core of everything it does. Decentralization gives everyone equal opportunity to be involved and utilize their strengths to help a project grow and the freedom to decide how. There is a social responsibility to provide tools and resources in the virtual space to create a fun and adaptive environment for individuals to thrive and monetize, no matter who or where they are.